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Becoming a member at Club Oasis has an annual cost of $100.

          Becoming a member at Club Oasis has an annual cost of $100. Once dues are paid, members will receive 10% off at the snack bar plus other yearly perks.

          Memberships are for those who want to become more involved at the Club, BUT not limited too! Anyone can join! Club Oasis hold semi-annual member meetings that will cover everything from new projects (i.e) landscaping, building additions, special projects, social events, and any issues the Club is currently facing. As well as fund raising events and annual Club Oasis funding P&L’s. Additionally, becoming a member gives you the opportunity to run for Club Oasis Board Member positions.

           The Board of Directors at Club Oasis is comprised of 7 positions, which hold 3 Year commitments each. Remember ONLY Club Oasis Members CAN VOTE! So if you are interested in being more involved in the Club you can become a member at the Snack Bar whenever you like! Also NEW Members will receive an awesome Club Oasis mug with your name, member number, and special hanger in the lobby next to the snack bar!

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